Native Culture of Fuzhou
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  • Native Culture of Fuzhou


    The religion of Chen Jinggu 

    Boasting a long history and wide influence, Chen Jinggu was regarded as the protective divinity of women and children that is fully comparable to the Mazu Goddess of Meizou. Chen Jinggu devoted herself to expound sutras, subjugate evil spirits, help the poor and support pregnant women, as well as pray for rain, eliminate devils and save the people. She was so loved and esteemed by the people that they built temples for her and called her "Goddess of Fuzhou". Those temples were visited by pilgrims of Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Taiwan.


    Min Opera 

    Min opera, known as Fuzhou drama, is one of major operas in Fujian Province. It enjoys a good popularity in Fuzhou, Middle Fujian, East Fujian and North Fujian where Fuzhou dialect is spoken, as well as in Taiwan and Malay Archipelago. It became a fixed opera in the early 20th Century. he music for voices in Min Opera mainly consists of Yangge, Jianghudiao, Douqiang and Xiaodiao, with accompanying musical instruments including horizontal flute, suona, touguan, erhu, yehu, Qing drum, war drum, gongs, cymbals and chime stone. Roles in Min Opera are also classified into "12 roles": Xiao-sheng (handsome gentlemen), Lao-sheng (virtuous old men), Wu-sheng (young warriors), Qing-yi (sedate ladies with dignity), Hua-dan (either vivacious young girls or viragos), Lao-dan (old females), Da-hua (actor with a painted face, category I), Er-hua (actor with a painted face, category II), San-hua (actor with a painted face, category III), Tie, Mo and Za. There are more than 1000 plays of Min Opera, most of which originates from folk tales, historical novels or ancient legends, including such traditional plays as "Making Seal", "The Purple Jade Hairpin" and "Switching Fairy Peach with Litchi".  

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