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    Anxi Tie Kuan-yin Tea 

    Anxi Iron Kuanyin Tea also known as heart Kuanyin tea and red shape Kuanyin tea. It is the top quality Wulong Tea, the famous tea produced in Fujian Province. The iron Kuanyin tea produced in Anxi County, Quanzhou Municipality contains a number of biological alkaline, vitamins and tannin, protein and aromatic oil. It has the special function of easing anxiety, improving eyesight, preventing arteriosclerosis and cancer, extending youth and mitigating radiation.  

    Quanzhou Puppet Head 

    Quanzhou puppets have a complete image in structure. The figures are widely selected from the figures and roles in the folk operas and legends, roughly divided into 5 major types: Sheng (male), Dan (young female), Jing (painted face, male), Mo (middle aged male), Chou (clown, male or female). There are over 300 puppet masks, which display beautiful shapes, vivid drawings, clear characters, unique artistic styles and local images.  

    Hui-an Granite Sculpture 

    Hui-an granite sculpture is a folk carving craftwork, made from top quality granite (shining-green rock) and carved finely into different sizes of delicate handicrafts, such as round carving, floating carving, line carving, and shadow carving. The granite sculptures produced in Hui-an can be either large as the size which should be lifted and installed by cranes or can be small as the size which can float on the surface of the water. They are beautiful in shape, fine in workmanship, unique in artistic style and strong in local characteristics. Hui-an granite sculpture has a history of 1600 years, well-known as the “home of granite sculptures”.

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