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    Quanzhou Glutinous Rice Dumpling of Meat Stuffing 

    The glutinous rice dumplings of meat stuffing are made in a dainty procedure. The ingredients are mainly glutinous rice, together with half-fat pork and other ingredients, such as taro, chestnut, bran shrimp, lotus seed, chicken, ham and bamboo shoots.  

    Quanzhou Yuanhetang Preserved Fruits and Vegetables 

    Quanzhou Yuanhetang preserved fruits and vegetables are traditional foods, made from different varieties of fruit and vegetables. They enjoy a great reputation all over the world for their sweet and pleasant taste. “Yuanhetang” is a 80-year-old firm processing preserved fruits and vegetables. Having the function of nourishing the stomach and spleen; promoting appetite, Yuanhetang products are regarded as the best selection for entertaining guests while drinking tea. Overseas Chinese originally from the Southern Fujian Province like to take Yuanhetang preserved fruits and vegetables back to their residential country while people in China like to choose “Yuanhetang” products as souvenirs for their overseas relatives and friends.

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