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Sichuan - Expérience et découverte
Voyage et opérateur local au Sichuan depuis 1994
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  • Native Specialities


    Fuzhou: olive, orange, longan, leechee, plum, jasmine tea, bodiless lacquerware, Shoushan Stone sculpture, wood painting, wood sculpture, paper umbrella, shell carving and porcelain.  

    Xiamen: subtropical fruits, pie, fish-skin peanut, Bodhi ball, thirst-easing olive, Xiamen bead embroider, lacquer thread sculpture, Xiamen painted sculpture, Xiamen porcelain carving, black mushroom & meat paste, Xiamen medicated wine and dried marine products.  

    Quanzhou: various fruits, famous tree/flower species, Dehua porcelain, Huian stone carving, Anxi  oolong tea, Lao-Fan-Zhi Grand Cure, Yongchun vinegar, Yuan-He-Tang glazed fruit, Quanzhou puppet, Yongchun lacquer basket and art flower.  

    Zhangzhou: narcissus, camellia and orchid (three famous flowers); Chinese honey, leechee, banana, longan, pomelo and pineapple (six famous fruits); various dried marine products, Pian-Zai-Huang (medicine), Ba-bao inkpad, Pian-Zai-Huang pearl cream, puppet head, Zhen-Bei ornamental plate for lacquer painting and Narcissus-brand essential balm.  

    Putian: various fruits, black mushroom bean, Xing-Hua rice noodle, rock candy, longan, wood sculpture, lacquer wooden bowl, indigo dyed printing, Buddha bead, Xian-You stone carving and dried marine products.  

    Nanping: Wuyi rock-essence tea, dried bamboo shoot, black mushroom, water lily, osmanthus flower tea, job's tears, Ji-Yang wooden bowl, Zhan-Lu sword, Jianou stained paper umbrella, Wan-Qian century sugar cane, Fujian orchid, Nanping lily and Sudi red bayberry.  

    Sanming: Hai-Tang inkstone, Yu-Kou paper, Yongan dried bamboo shoot, Mingxi sliced dried meat, Ninghua dried mouse meat, smoked duck, thunder tea rice, Shaxian cloisonne, Mingxi jewel ring, eardrop and necklace etc.  

    Longyan: Liancheng sliced dried sweet potato, Yongding dried vegetable, Changting dried bean curd, Shanghang dried turnip, Wuping dried pig gall bladder, Longyan rice noodle, Zhangping dried bamboo shoot, salted peanut, jar wine, narcissus tea cake, Yu-Kou Paper, bamboo mat, Yong-Fu rattan articles, Qing-Si bamboo basket, Cai-Shan-Tang Grand tea cake, Changting mushroom, Liancheng rice China paper and Yongding cured tobacco.   

    Ningde: four-season pomelo, Fuding taro, late-ripened leechee, late-ripened longan, elephant taro, Gutian white fungus, Chinese gooseberry, coreless persimmon, green-bamboo shoot, Gutian bamboo crafts, Zhouning wooden bead, ceramic bead cushion, shell embed jewelry box, Xiapu shell carving, Huotong scissors, Huangjia bamboo steamer, Shouning umbrella, Shouning Shoushan Stone carving, Xiapu artistic porcelain, Fu'an copper crafts, grass knitted mat and Xiapu bead curtain.  

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