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    Lying in the subtropical zone, Fujian has a moderate climate and is abundant rainfall. The mean temperature of 2004 was 15.3-21.9, and the average rainfall was 930- 1843mm, making it one of those provinces with the greatest railfall.  Located at latitude 23°31’- 28°18’ north, Fujian is close to the Tropic of Cancer, which grants Fujian the typical subtropical climate. Fujian can be divided into Central Asia tropical zone and South Asia tropical zone demarcated by the line connecting Fuzhou, Fuqing, Yongchun, Zhangping and Shanghang.

    The primary characteristics include: 1) Monsoon climate. The change of climate and four seasons follows the monsoon circulation. 2) Short winter and long summer, abundant thermal resources. The duration of frost-free period is between 250-336 days, and 300 days or more in some regions. This figure is fully comparable to that of Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province and Taiwan, offering Fujian a superior climatic condition. 3) Warm winter and great temperature difference between south and north; cool summer and small temperature difference between south and north; 4) Clearly demarcated rainy season and dry season, with sufficient water resources; 5) Complicated landforms, bringing about diversified climates; 6) Frequent natural disasters: flood, drought, windstorm and frost. The flood mainly refers to rainfall flood and typhoon flood, while the windstorm consists of typhoon, gale and cold air, all bringing about coastal strong wind and intense convective climate. As for drought, there are spring drought, summer drought, autumn drought and winter drought, while the frost can also be divided into late frost, May frost, early frost and deep winter frost.  

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