Delicacies of Zhangzhou
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  • Delicacies of Zhangzhou

    Seasoned Noodles

    Seasoned noodles are made from the ingredients of shredded pork, shredded bamboo shoots, mushrooms, squids, dried shrimp and day lilies as the ingredients. They are stir fried and boiled with pork bone soup, and then MSG, sugar, and salt and sweet potato starch is added to make a seasoning. When the noodles are served, they are added with fried leek, bean sprouts and the seasoning, and some black pepper, fried ground garlic, fried shredded fish and caraways.  

    Nasheng Sesame Dates 

    Pinghe County is famous for its tea dessert for more than 70 years. Nansheng sesame dates are made from sticky rice, taro, sugar, maltose, peanut oil and white sesamum in three procedures. It is featured in being crispy, tender, sweet and elastic. 

    Nansheng Salty Duck

    Nansheng Salty Duck has a history of hundreds years and is named after Nansheng town of Pinghe County where the duck is produced. Nansheng salty Duck is made from the local native ducks. The slaughtered ducks are gutted, salted, and dried in the sunlight in a series of processing procedure for several days. The salty duck is a convenient food. It only needs to be washed and steamed before being served. If rice wine is added, the smell and taste will be even better. 

    Shouzhuamian (Hand grabbing noodles) 

    Shouzhuamain, known as “Douganmainfen” or “Wuxiangmianfen” locally, is made from wheat flour material, ingredients and seasoning. The wheat flour material is the alkali noodles which are boiled and spread in a round shape on a bamboo screen to form pan-cakes (called “Mianfen” locally). When it is served on the table, “Mianfen” is laid with fried tofu, or “five spiced rolls”, as well as sweet flour jam, peanut jam, mustard jam and garlic vinegar jam and eaten by grabbing with the fingers, hence the name of “Shouzhuamian” (hand grabbing noodles”).   

    Xiaoxi Pillow Cake

    A popular tea cake, shaped in pillow in the size of a little finger, Xiaoxi pillow cake is produced through a number of fine procedures. First, the stuffing of the cake has to be carefully selected. They are fine wheat flour, pork fat, and maltose. The ingredients are made according to the “secret formula”, to ensure that the stuffing will melt as soon as put into mouth without having residues. Then the cake is baked with small fire in a pan, which requires a high skill to ensure an even baking and avoid burning. The traditional pillow cakes are packed in two layers, separated by bamboo leaves. Each package contains eight cakes. 

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