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    Bagua Banquet

    Bagua Banquet is based on Zhu Xi’s daily diet. The dishes include assorted hors d’oeuvre, custard, soup and balls, fried, deep fried or stewed without soy sauce. The biggest feature of Bagua Banquet is that the dishes are placed according to the Bagua picture. The whole banquet is like a bagua picture, which shows great originality. All the names of the dishes imply profound meanings. The Bagua Banquet created by Zhu Xi has been spreading far and wide among the people of Wuyishan City.

    Jian’ou Salted Preserved Duck

    It is a famous delicacy in Wuyishan City and other areas in the northern part of Fujian. It is in the shape of a turtle and is white in color, smooth and delicate. With thick and fat meat, it tastes delicious. The local people start to make salted preserved duck from lunar September each year and it’s ready to serve on lunar February 2nd next year. The duck made in frost or wind weather are the best of its kind. It’s one of the favorites of both domestic and overseas tourists. 

    Snake Banquet 

    Wuyishan Mountain is called “a kingdom of snakes”, where live a variety of snakes. There are various delicious snake dishes, including stir fried snake bones, stir fried snake eggs, stewed snake eyeballs, stewed snake with wild cat, etc. And snake and chicken soup is especially a unique of Wuyi cuisine. It is made in this way: deep cook agkistrodon which is unique in Wuyi Mountain with baby chicken and several kinds of traditional medicines and put the soup into a first-class dinner set. When the lid is taken off, the fragrance will spread into the air.  

    Wengong Dish

    Wengong Dish is a famous traditional local dish in Wuyishan City. The ingredients include lean meat, sweet potato powder, eggs and white hyacinth beans. It has been popular among the people in Wuyi Mountain City for 800 years and is a famous traditional dish for banqueting guests. 

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