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    Jian’ning Lotus Seed

    Jian’ning lotus seed is reputed as “the pick of lotus seeds”. Jian’ning lotus seeds are big and round. Its color is like cream. Stewed for a little while and it’s ready to serve. The soup is clear, soft and delicious. With a history of more than one thousand years in growing lotus, Jian’ning is named “home of lotus”. In 1995, it is awarded “Home of Fujian Lotus” by Specialty Home Naming Committee of China. 

    Jiangle Ground Tea

    Jiangle Ground Tea enjoys a good name of “relic of ancient tea culture”. The ingredients for making ground tea include white sesame, fragrant style green tea, peanut kernel, citrus peel, vanilla, etc. (add honeysuckle in hot summer or tangerine peel in cold winter). Grind them into powder and mix them with water. Pour hot water into the mixture and the tea is ready.  

    Jiangle Longchi Ink Stone

    Longchi Ink Stone is made of natural sedimentary slate rock. It has a pure greenish blue color, moderate looseness and tightness and not easily weathering. The complete Longchi Ink Stone has a bright color, feels gentle and smooth. If stricken with an object, it will give out clang and clear sound. The generated ink is fine and delicate and the ink color is pure and glitters. The Longchi Ink Stone has a history between 400 and 500 years. It has received many awards. Particularly, “Crabapple Ink Stone” is the best of its kind.  

    Mingxi Sapphire

    Mingxi is one of the four sapphire-producing areas in China and sapphire is a rare and special mineral resource only discovered in Fujian Province to date. Mingxi sapphire has been awarded “Jewelry Product Golden Prize” by the Ministry of Light Industry of China.  

    Mingxi Preserved Pork

    It is a Hakka flavor food. Slice lean pork of hind legs and soak them in good quality brewer grains, clove, anise, cinnamon, star anise, sugar and other ingredients. Then take the pork slices out and ventilate to dry them. Finally, smoke and bake the pork slices to finish the process.  

    Ninghua Dried Mouse

    It is processed from field mouse. First, pluck the mouse’s hair and steam the mouse in a cauldron or bake it in firewood ash. Then remove entrails and clean it with water. Finally, smoke it with chaff to golden. The dried field mouse is not only delicious, but also nutrient, containing high protein. Particularly, it is kidney replenishing.  

    Shaxian Dried Salted Duck

    Preserve mule duck with salt and ventilate to dry the duck, using bamboo to extend it to become flat. The meat is of high quality and nutrient. The Shayang Dried Salted Duck is the best known of its kind, which was awarded the title of “Best Selling Product Gold Prize” at Fujian Famous, Excellent, New and Special Agricultural Products Fair and Shanghai Famous, Excellent, New and Special Agricultural Products Fair. 

    Yong’an Dried Bamboo Shoot

    Yong’an dried bamboo shoot is processed from local quality fresh bamboo shoot. Featuring thick flesh and close knots, golden color and delicious and crisp taste, it is the treasure of all dried bamboo roots.

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